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Seminar at Goto 10 in Malmö

Navigating the Complexities of DevSecOps Adoption: Insights from a Cybersecurity Professional

29 maj 2024, 17:30–20:00 | Organizer: DevOps Malmö, Foo Café

DevSecOps, the integration of security practices into agile development processes, has become a critical approach for organizations to deliver secure software systems while maintaining agility and speed. However, the adoption of DevSecOps practices is often hindered by various organizational, cultural, and socio-technical factors. In this presentation, Samuel, an experienced cybersecurity professional, will share valuable insights from his extensive career spanning over 10 years in the field.

Drawing from his diverse roles as an Information Security Specialist, Technical Communicator, Product Owner, and Project Lead, Samuel will explore the complex interplay between institutional pressures, internal organizational dynamics, and organizational priorities that influence the success of DevSecOps adaptation. He will delve into the role of norms and attitudes surrounding security practices, highlighting the importance of fostering a culture of security awareness, continuous learning, and overcoming resistance to change.

Through real-world examples and case studies, Samuel will provide practical strategies and recommendations for organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of DevSecOps adoption. He will share his experiences in integrating security practices into rapid development processes, while balancing the competing demands of speed, security, and compliance.

Attendees will gain valuable insights into the enablers and barriers to DevSecOps adoption, as well as best practices for fostering cross-functional collaboration, effective communication channels, and robust risk management practices. This presentation will equip attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the organizational conditions and contextual elements that shape the successful alignment of security practices with rapid development processes.

  • 29 maj 2024, 17:30–20:00
  • Gradängen
    Slagthuset, Carlsgatan 12A, 211 20 Malmö
  • English
  • Organizer: DevOps Malmö , Foo Café

Goto 10 är en arena där individer och organisationer kan dela kunskap, idéer och perspektiv. Detta event speglar arrangörens åsikter och delas inte nödvändigtvis av oss på Goto 10 och Internetstiftelsen. På Goto 10 får idéer och kunskap testas, diskuteras och utvecklas så länge de följer våra riktlinjer.

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