En man i publiken fotograferar en talare med sin mobil i eventytan på Goto 10. Vi ser honom bakifrån

Event venues Linköping

Do you want to organize a free of charge event in Linköping about digitalization or the internet? If you are a member of Goto 10 you can book our fully equipped event space. It’s free of charge for you as long as your event is open to the public.

At Goto 10 Linköping, we offer you as a member the opportunity to book our event space below free of charge. Click on the "Create event" button to see when it is available. Fill in the event details, send in your request and we will get back to you via email shortly.

Open lectures - Gradängen

Gradängen is an open space that is well suited for lectures, seminars and networking.

Två personer sitter i en föreläsningslokal på Goto 10


  • Max 40 people
  • Monitor with connection via HDMI
  • 3 headsets and 1 handheld microphone
  • Rigged for live broadcast
  • Wheelchair accessible room
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    • Collegium, Teknikringen 7, 583 30 Linköping
    • Weekdays: 08:00-16:30, weekends: closed
Fem personer står runt ett bord och tittar på något som finns under en glasruta i bordet. En av dem skrattar.

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As a member, you are involved in creating the content at Goto 10 every day. Record a podcast, try out 3D printers or share your knowledge by hosting an event - completely free of charge.

Fasaden på Goto 10 med lysande logotyp i neon

About Goto 10

Goto 10 want to make it possible for more people to develop, network and share their knowledge of the internet and society. Read more about us here!