Arbetsplatser i den öppna arbetsytan på Goto 10 Malmö.

Event venues Malmö

Do you want to organize a free of charge event in Malmö about digitalization or the internet? If you are a member of Goto 10 you can book one of our fully equipped rooms for your event. It’s free of charge for you as long as your event is open to the public.

At Goto 10 Malmö you can choose to book one of the two rooms below, these have slightly different adaptations depending on the type of event you want to host. Click on the "Create event" button to see when the venue is vacant, fill in details for your event, send your request and we will get back to you via email shortly.

Open lectures - Gradängen

Gradängen is an open space that is well suited for lectures, seminars and networking.

Några personer sitter och arbetar i Gradängen på Goto10 Malmö
You can choose to host a larger or smaller event in Gradängen.


  • Max 40 people
  • Monitor with connection via HDMI or Mini Display Port
  • 2 headsets, 1 handheld microphone and 1 throwable microphone
  • Rigged for live broadcast
  • Wheelchair accessible room
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Major events - Hörsalen

Hörsalen is a room where you can attend events physically or online, host your own larger events such as panel debates, as well as events that take place in collaboration with The Swedish Internet Foundation. You and your company or organization have a unique opportunity to host a event without having to pay for the local cost as long as the event is about digitalization and the internet and is open to everyone.

Hörsalen can be booked between 08:00 am and 12:00 am.

Stolar på rad i Hörsalen på Goto 10 Malmö
In Hörsalen you have the opportunity to host larger events such as conferences and panel debates.


  • Max 60 people
  • Monitor with connection via HDMI
  • 3 headsets, 1 handheld microphone and 1 throwable microphone
  • Wheelchair accessible room
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    • Weekdays: 08:00-17:00, weekends: closed
En kvinna sitter och poddar i poddstudion på Goto 10 Malmö

Record your own podcast

At Goto 10 you have access to complete podcast equipment and have the possibility to record in a sound-insulating environment.