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Previous seminar at Goto 10 in Linköping

Innovating Life Science

12 dec 2023, 17:30–20:00 | Organizer: Synapse - Life Science Connect Sweden

The event has passed.

Join Synapse student organization to get unique insights into the future of innovation in healthcare, biotechnology and life sciences in general! 🔬

Welcome to Synapse's very first event in Linköping! During our seminar, four different speakers will provide insights into the innovative part of their jobs in the industry. They are experts in their respective life science areas and want to educate about the latest developments in the field. These presentations will be broadcasted from Lund directly to Goto 10 in Linköping. Besides sharing knowledge, our goal is to increase enthusiasm for life sciences and to offer valuable insights into potential career paths that the audience may not have considered before. We believe that many life science degree programs often prioritize traditional methodologies and theories at the expense of incorporating innovative, cutting-edge technologies and emerging trends. This event is therefore to broaden students' horizons that study in Life Sciences and to inspire the next generation of scientists and innovators. After the presentations, which will conclude around 18.45, there will be a mingling session with the members of our new association Synapse Linköping. This event is held in cooperation with Medicon Village. 

About Synapse and Medicon Village

Synapse - Life Science Connect is a non-profit student organization with the aim of bridging the gap between life science academia and the industry. Our organization is established in Lund and Stockholm after originating in Denmark, where we have hubs in four different cities. Now, we are coming to Linköping as well. We aim to organize events relevant and helpful for students in all life sciences like Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical sciences, Medicine, and more. If you are interested in our work and what we are planning to do, we would love to chat a bit with you at the networking session.

Medicon Village is a prominent life science and innovation hub located in Lund. It is a collaborative environment that brings together companies, research institutions, and other organizations in the field of life sciences and healthcare. Medicon Village provides a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, knowledge sharing, and business growth within the life sciences sector, which aligns perfectly with our vision for this event. 


Sarah MĂŒller
Core Team Member | Synapse Sweden


+46 73 65 35 284

Goto 10 Àr en arena dÀr individer och organisationer kan dela kunskap, idéer och perspektiv. Detta event speglar arrangörens Äsikter och delas inte nödvÀndigtvis av oss pÄ Goto 10 och Internetstiftelsen. PÄ Goto 10 fÄr idéer och kunskap testas, diskuteras och utvecklas sÄ lÀnge de följer vÄra riktlinjer.

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