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How AI can be used to promote gender equality

26 nov 2020, 14:00–14:30 | Organizer: Vinnova

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In this presentation you will hear about real examples and learn about how AI can be used to promote gender equality.

Gender equality is highly prioritized on the political agenda in Sweden. Improving gender equality has many positive impacts on individuals and society at large, not only in terms of creating equal opportunities for all but also in terms of increased economic growth, improved education and labor market. Vinnova, the Swedish innovation agency, has a mission to integrate gender equality into the innovation system. One example of how Vinnova does this is the ongoing mapping and analyses of how AI can contribute to promote gender equality.  A lot of what is written and studied on the intersection of AI and gender equality today is focused on what problems that AI creates, e.g. in terms of how AI tends to reproduce and even exacerbate existing gender stereotypes, an issue that needs to be acknowledged and handled when developing AI tools. However, the focus can be changed on how AI can contribute in solving current and unsolved gender equality problems, rather than what issues it creates and enforces. In this presentation you will hear about real examples and learn about how AI can be used to promote gender equality. 

Vinnova is Sweden's innovation agency and has the task of strengthening Sweden's ability to innovate in order to contribute to sustainable growth. Vinnova works daily to open up for innovation that makes a difference. In this presentation, Moa Persdotter at Vinnova, will talk about why a gender and diversity perspective is needed within innovation and how AI can be used to promote gender equality.

You can watch the presentation on our YouTube Channel through the link:


Moa Persdotter

Bio: Moa Persdotter is working with gender equality and diversity within the innovation system at Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova. Her main expert areas are around trans sector collaborative management and policy processes for making support organizations and startups more equal.

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