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Previous meetup at Goto 10 in Stockholm

WordPress performance and WP CLI introduction

21 nov 2019, 17:30–19:30 | Organizer: WordPress Stockholm

The event has passed.

During this meetup we will have two talks focused on WordPress performance and one talk about introduction to WP CLI. Join us at Goto 10.

# Talk 1. Image optimization - Jonathan Sulo

More information to come...

# Talk 2. Introduction to the WordPress CLI - Stanislav Khromov

Do you want to manage your WordPress site like a movie hacker? Then you've come to the right session. After this talk you will (almost) forget about the normal wp-admin interface and embrace terminal-based management of your website. You will learn how to update WordPress, install plugins and themes, check your installation for hacking attempts and much more!

# Talk 3: The 5 Most Common Reasons for a Slow WordPress Site and How to Fix Them - Otto Kekäläinen

One can build very fast websites with WordPress, but quite often many WordPress sites end up being rather slow. This talk describes the 5 most common reasons for a WordPress site to be slow and how those issues are best fixed. Based on our experiences hosting thousands of WordPress websites at Seravo.com we have noticed that the root cause to slowness is usually about something gone wrong on the WordPress site itself and that it can be fixed with a few simple changes. This talk covers examples ranging from things less technical people can learn from all the way to using Xdebug and Tideways to solve more complex performance issues on real WordPress sites.

- 17:30 Welcome mingle
- 17:45 Image optimization - Jonathan Sulo
- 18:30 Food, drinks and mingle
- 19:00 WP CLI introduction - Stanislav Khromov
- 19:30 The 5 most common reasons for a slow WordPress site and how to fix them - Otto Kekäläinen
- 20:00 Meetup ends and those who wants continue at a local bar if they want to

Goto 10 är en arena där individer och organisationer kan dela kunskap, idéer och perspektiv. Detta event speglar arrangörens åsikter och delas inte nödvändigtvis av oss på Goto 10 och Internetstiftelsen. På Goto 10 får idéer och kunskap testas, diskuteras och utvecklas så länge de följer våra riktlinjer.

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