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Previous presentation at Goto 10 in Malmö

(How) do we connect via dating apps?

25 aug 2022, 18:00–19:30 | Organizer: Milan Kostadinović

The event has passed.

Welcome to a session where we will discuss the problems with dating apps and social media, and get an inquiry into intersexual dynamics.

About the event:

How do we relate to one another in cyberspace and are we able to truly connect and seek love from the screen of our phones? We will be exploring this together as we look at the problems we face as society in a world that is losing traditional values and marriage.

The presentation will share relevant statistics regarding dating apps among the sexes, social media usage and its harm to relationships and the prognostication of future of dating.


Since Coronavirus the nature of relationships and communication among people has changed significantly. The average conditioned individual has opted to isolate himself from the world and as such diminish his opportunities to interact with the world using at least 1 sense, the predominant sense – sight. A phenomenon of involuntary celibacy has emerged as consequence of overt and excessive usage of dating apps and social media. Both are used to connect the individual with the rest of the world, and allowing him to follow his innate drive in a new environment he adapts to. 

In order for the man to interact with his environment a plethora of stimuli is necessary in order to root him into reality and being. Social media and dating apps have drastically changed this and one of the results in that is an enormous separation between men and women, as both use internet to perceive reality, and thus each other, study behavior and adapt to it accordingly in order to gain access to sexuality (attention from the opposite sex).

This has taken many forms, one of which a tremendously high usage of online pornography by men and lower testosterone levels in these men. The levels of docility and laziness have substantially increased as their physical activity has resulted in weaker bodies, weaker minds and spirits, making them unattractive to women.

Women follow a different, but still a trend as per usage of dating apps, not able to find opportunities in the immediate environment. The result is the construction of an idealized, cyber version of the self in order to attract mates long-distance, and the harm this has on an average woman is increased anxiety, impending sense of doom, unsafety and inability of formation of meaningful, loving relationships. The stress women experience is tremendous as the need to maintain the qualities that make them attractive to men dwindle over time and yet women remain isolated from men due to the rise of feminism and encouragement of women to engage in participation in a hypercimpetitive labor market where online operated tech-industries are on the rise.

Come and let’s discuss this together!



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