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STRESS MANAGEMENT - Learn Techniques to Reduce Everyday Stress

29 apr 2024, 17:00–19:30 | Organizer: Harmony Agenda

The event has passed.

Feeling Tech Stressed? We all do! Take your stress resilience skills to the next level with this workshop packed with stress awareness and practical techniques.

Feeling overwhelmed by technology every day? You are not alone!
Technology's a double-edged sword! While it is amazing, it can also be overwhelming for us. This workshop dives into stress management, teaching a powerful technique to be resilient and find focus.


  • Interactive activities and group discussions
  • Understanding stress together
  • Learning a powerful grounding technique
  • Networking with like-minded people


  • Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students, Parents
  • Anyone seeking better mental health and personal growth

Please note this workshop is designed for personal development, not clinical stress.

Facilitator 🤗

Nandor Ruzsbanszki (self-awareness, leadership workshops passionate about human flourishing)

Contact Nandor at nandor.ruzsbanszki@gmail.com

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