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Meetup på Goto 10 i

Startup Coffee Meetup

30 nov 2021, 08:30–09:30 | Arrangör: Skåne Startups

Welcome to your informal coffee meetup with the Goto 10 and Skåne Startups Community.

Join Startup Coffee with Skåne Startups  and Goto 10, every other Tuesday between 8.30-9.30 at Goto 10.

Startup Coffee is an informal event where you can meet entrepreneurs and others interested in startups, hear about opportunities in the community and exchange experiences over a good cup of coffee. Bring your own coffee or buy an excellent cup at the Mindpark Café  , located in the reception right next to Goto 10 (Psst! If you say the secret word "Startup Coffee" you will receive 25% discount on the coffee before 9 am!)

We hope to see you there!

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