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Previous networking at Goto 10 in Linköping

Science Park by Night - Startup Night with Goto 10

26 okt 2023, 16:00–19:30 | Organizer: Internetstiftelsen

The event has passed.

Welcome to a Startup Night at Goto 10 where you get to meet startup founders and connect with fellow entrepreneurs, partners, investors and students in the Östergötland’s startup ecosystem!

Startup Night is a pitch and networking event celebrating companies residing in Mjärdevi, with connection to Goto 10 and our partners. The night will be kicked off with a presentation by the Swedish Internet Foundation, founder of Goto 10, followed by a panel discussion, pitch session and networking throughout the evening. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with top-notch founders, learn more about our local ecosystem and exchange ideas with like-minded people!

Join us if you are: 

  • A start-up looking for connections 
  • A well-established company seeking partners in startups 
  • A passionate entrepreneur looking for new ideas and inspiration 
  • A student who wants to put their entrepreneurial education into action. 


16:00 Kick-off and welcome from Ulli Kaposhka

16:10-16:45 Jannike Tillå, Vice President Communication & Public Benefit: Presentation about the Swedish Internet Foundation and our public benefit initiatives

Jannike has more than 15 years of experience in working with digital development and public benefit projects. She is an expert on issues such as digital exclusion/inclusion, particularly children's digital experiences and new online environments for parenting. As a Head of Communications and Public Benefit at Internetstiftelsen, she is in charge of developing effective communication strategies, brand positioning, promotion, market insights as well as coordinating our public benefit projects such as Internetdagarna, Digitala lektioner our three Goto 10s.

17:00-17:50 Panel discussion on deep tech startups - meet our honourable guests:

Karin Ackerholm, LiU Innovation

Karin is the dynamic Innovation Advisor and business coach dividing her time between LiU and LEAD. With fervor, she enhances research's positive impact at the university, championing new technology's potential to solve societal challenges and fuel sustainable development.

Catharina Sandberg, CEO at LEAD Business Incubator

Catharina has a backgrund in tech, having previously worked at Sectra and LiU Innovation (e-health & med tech) before joining LEAD in 2019.

Mattias Weinhandl, business owner and investor

Mattias is a NHL star turned investor. He has been an active entrepreneur and business angel since 2010, supporting - in his own words - "good honest people, who want to solve the great challenges we humans face". He is on the board with many tech startups and his investor portfolio includes companies like Blue Call, Comordo, All Ears and others.

Nate Robinson, CEO at LunaMicro

Nate is a former Professor in Bioelectronics and Organic Electronics from LiU who moved onto starting his own venture - startup company LunaMicro that is focused on commercializing microfluidic technologies developed at Linköping University. 

Ulli Kaposhka is a moderator

Ulli is a Community Manager at Goto 10 Linköping and has a background in marketing & communications and research from Uppsala University. 

18:00-18:35 Pitch session where every company gets 5 minutes to present themselves and their vision and answer questions from the audience (FULLY BOOKED). The participating companies are:

  • #1: Aseel Berglund, PhD, will be presenting Liopep - a micro training app for the workplace, which gives your organization a chance to increase your profitability, your employees' well-being and community spirit!
  • #2: Tomas Jankauskas from Neural Deep.net is talking about AI-driven creative processes.
  • #3: Daniel Kouznetsov from Retinello Laboratories will be presenting their product retinello - a learning platform that offers several different ways of creating your own material by using smart methods for learning, all optimized with AI.
  • #4: Tabea Schroth will be pitching from MIMSI Materials AB, a deep tech startup whose mission is to exploit nanoscale material innovations to reduce CO2e emissions and ensure a clean energy future.
  • #5: Oskar Paluyan is pitching XP Studio's platform where users are able to create and share digital experiences, like interactive presentations or gamified marketing campaigns.
  • #6: Jan Erik Hedborg from VOC Diagnostics will present their unique VOC technology that, combined with deep learning, enables early detection of ovarian cancer through smell in a blood sample.
  • #7: Naveen Sasidharan from Worldish will showcase Helen - Worldish's very own culturally adapted digital medical communication assistant that helps caregivers and patients communicate easily during a consultation.

18:35-19:30 Mingle

19:30 the End. 

Our coffee bar natural will be open late that evening so you will be able to purchase food, fika and coffee.

Startup Night is a part of Science Park by night which is a joint event by Linköping Science Park, Castellum, Sankt Kors and Goto 10. See here for more information and programme.


Ulli Kaposhka, Community Manager at Goto 10 Linköping


Goto 10 är en arena där individer och organisationer kan dela kunskap, idéer och perspektiv. Detta event speglar arrangörens åsikter och delas inte nödvändigtvis av oss på Goto 10 och Internetstiftelsen. På Goto 10 får idéer och kunskap testas, diskuteras och utvecklas så länge de följer våra riktlinjer.

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