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Spotify’s Love/Hate Relationship with DNS

10 maj 2017, 18:00–20:00 | Organizer: IIS

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This talk will walk through how Spotify has designed and currently manages DNS infrastructure and the future of the lovably boring technology at Spotify.

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Spotify has a history of loving “boring” technologies. It’s not that often people talk about DNS; when they do, it’s usually to complain, or when a major outage happens. Otherwise, DNS is initially set up – probably with a 3rd party provider – and then mostly forgotten about. But it’s because DNS is boring that Spotify loves it so much. DNS provides a stable and widely-known query interface, free caching, and service discovery.

Lynn Root works as Site Reliability Engineer and FOSS Evangelist in Spotify’s NYC office. She is the founder of the San Francisco PyLadies group. Lynn has been vice chair and board member of the Python Software Foundation. She has a business degree in finance and economics, but fell in love with programming in 2011. To find out more about Lynn please read her blog.

IIS will offer light food and drinks before the event.

  • 10 maj 2017, 18:00–20:00
  • English
  • Organizer: IIS

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