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Previous networking at Goto 10 in Malmö

Speed networking for budding developers and recruiters.

29 nov 2023, 17:30–20:00 | Organizer: Google Developer Group Malmö

The event has passed.

Come to our speed networking event where you´ll have a chance to meet several recruiters and hiring managers in a series of short conversations. This event is for students and developers with under 3 years of experience.

🌟 Introducing "Speed networking for budding developers and recruiters." 🌟

Are you a budding developer looking to kickstart your career, or a recruiter seeking fresh talent to join your team? Get ready for an extraordinary networking experience that will change the course of your professional journey.

Join us for a dynamic evening of "Speed Networking for Budding Developers and Recruiters." It's a unique opportunity designed for students and developers with under 3 years of experience. Whether you're an aspiring coder or a seasoned recruiter, this event promises to be a game-changer.

🤝 What to Expect:

At ConnectTech 2023, you'll engage in a series of fast-paced, one-on-one conversations that connect you with recruiters and hiring managers from top tech companies. It's your chance to shine as you showcase your skills, personality, and potential. For recruiters, it's an opportunity to introduce your company and the exciting opportunities you have to offer.

🌐 Why You Should Attend:

  • For Developers: Discover your dream job and connect with recruiters who are actively seeking your talents.
  • For Recruiters: Scout the brightest and most promising young talent in the tech world.
  • For Everyone: Build a network of valuable industry contacts and potential collaborations.

Don't miss out on this incredible event, where opportunities and connections are made at the speed of innovation.

🎟️ Limited Spaces Available:

Hurry, as spaces are limited! Secure your spot today and accelerate your career path in the tech industry.

Join us at:

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and surprises. Mark your calendar and get ready to network like never before.

Goto 10 är en arena där individer och organisationer kan dela kunskap, idéer och perspektiv. Detta event speglar arrangörens åsikter och delas inte nödvändigtvis av oss på Goto 10 och Internetstiftelsen. På Goto 10 får idéer och kunskap testas, diskuteras och utvecklas så länge de följer våra riktlinjer.