Online-workshop at Goto 10

Online meeting: how to save time & money for your company and keep your team productive & happy

28 jan 2021, 10:30–12:00 | Organizer: Natalia Sviridova

  • 28 jan 2021, 10:30–12:00
  • Online
  • English
  • Live streamed
  • Organizer: Natalia Sviridova

We all need a new competence to be effective in a new remote workilfe - online facilitation. Join us to learn and practice together how to make your regular online meetings, workshops, and brainstorms the same engaging and effective as before. Only theory in practice!

OBS! This event has been re-scheduled to Jan 28th.

In just 90 minutes you will be introduced to the flow and dynamics of the remote events, digital tools, libraries, and platforms that might help you.We will discuss how to design an effective meeting.Principles of engaging workshop/meeting and construction of flowChoose your platforms/toolsDesign your next meetings.

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