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Inclusive road safety with virtual testing – and the world's first female crash dummy

26 jan 2023, 12:00–13:00 | Organizer: VTI

The event has passed.

The first crash test dummy based on an average female? What do you mean, isn´t there one already? Well that´s the thing, there hasn´t been. Until now.  And - what if we made crash testing virtual to cover all of humanity, wouldn´t that be smart?

The injury statistics show that women have a higher risk of severe and fatal injuries than men in the same crash conditions. VTI now presents the first crash dummy* based on an average woman, the SET 50F. The prototype is developed within the EU project VIRTUAL as a physical reference object in the exploration of Virtual Testing. A method that allows for the representation of many more different body types than would ever be feasible in physical testing, including factors such as age or size.

Professor Astrid Linder, VTI, talks about the project and her work to make road safety more inclusive for all of humanity. Successes, obstacles and future. See also the prototypes SET 50F and SET 50M and talk to developers Magnus Karemyr and Tommy Pettersson.

Please note that the presentation will begin at 12:00 pm sharp so we kindly ask you to join us earlier. We will be serving light refreshments. Warmly welcome!

Correct term: Seat Evaluation Tool

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