15 nov, 18:00–20:00

Smart City Lecture 5: Introduction to Encryption

The Smart City series of lectures span the fundamental ideas, visions and the technologies related to the development of services for the Smart City (or Society) and the Internet of Things. Join us at Goto 10.

This lecture gives an introduction to the field of cryptography for engineers. It provides an overview of hash algorithms, symmetric, asymmetric and hybrid ciphers, introduces Elliptic Curve Cryptography, and related algorithms (ECDH, ECDSA). It present Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), certificates (X.509), and how these can be automatically updated (ACME). It discusses Transport Encryption (TLS, DTLS), and End-to-End encryption, and when the latter is needed. Some common forms of attack are presented, to motivate the listener to implement the ubiquitous encryption policy (“Encrypt Everywhere”) in their solutions and organizations.

Participants are welcome to join the Smart City Labs as well, where we will experiment with the concepts presented in the lectures in a practical manner. Do you have things you want to get connected? Please bring them along, and I’ll help you connect them.


Goto 10

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