20 jun, 14:00–17:00

OpenStack Forum

Varmt välkommen till OpenStack Forum! Ta chansen och lär dig mer om OpenStack och hur du automatiserar ditt data center och få till kraftfulla self-service lösningar. Allt från experter till nybörjare finns på plats på Goto 10 och fokus är som alltid dialog, lärande och att ha kul!


Agendan för dagen är:

  • 14:00 Introduktion av alla deltagare plus nyheter från OpenStack communityt.
  • 14:10 Autoscaling Instances on Openstack: Match your compute nodes to the workload!
  • 14:30 Q&A
  • 14:45 Kaffe
  • 15:00 Achieve your every desire with the new SUSE OpenStack Cloud v8!
  • 15:30 Q&A
  • 15:45 Kaffe
  • 16:00 Telco grade OpenStack, should you care?
  • 16:30 Q&A
  • 16:45 Wrap up
  • 17:00 Burger/beer/brus/läsk @ Taco Bar.


Mer information om talarna och presentationerna finns nedan.

Adressen till lokalen är Hammarby kaj 10D, Stockholm och efteråt tar vi lite öl och burgare på Taco Bar alldeles i närheten. Tyvärr är alla sponsrade burgare slut, men följ gärna med och ta en öl ändå.

Varmt välkomna den 20/6!


Title: Autoscaling Instances on Openstack: Match your compute nodes to the workload!

Description: Will demonstrate ways in which to scale out compute nodes from bare metal resources. This allows you to  match computing demand or gain high availability if nodes fail. Incorporating a load balancer to distribute load to healthy nodes.

Speaker: Mark Joiner, Technical Manager at Interoute.

Speaker bio: With over 20 years of experience developing and implementing distributed computing systems for a wide range of fields, from 3D animation to e-commerce, to telecom and now cloud computing.

Spends considerable amounts of time outside of normal work building cloud platforms and loading them with projects such as neural networking, data analytics and realtime communication systems.


Title: Achieve your every desire with the new SUSE OpenStack Cloud v8!

Description: First a word of warning! The following description of this presentation is a commercial and is part of the sponsored section of OpenStack Forum. With that said however… Daniel Bystrom will talk a bit about the news in SUSE OpenStack Cloud v8 which is the new release.

What additional components that have been added since version 7 and which additional capabilities this will give you. Oh, and last but not least, he will also tell you how you can achieve your every desire* with SUSE OpenStack Cloud.

* Note, this assumes that your every desire consists of running a supported, rock-solid, commercial OpenStack distribution from SUSE. If that does not represent your every desire, I hope that you still will enjoy the presentation.

Speaker: Daniel Byström, Partner Executive for Scandinavia at SUSE.

Speaker bio: Daniel, with 21 years experience with technology (at least, depending on your definition of experience and technology) is a technology generalist with a background in storage and linux. One interest that he is now fully living and breathing privately AND publicly at SUSE is OpenStack. He is also the founder of OpenStack Forum in Oslo and Stockholm. He likes steak and burgers!


Title: Telco grade OpenStack, should you care?

Description: In this presentation I will explain what Telco Grade OpenStack is and what sets it apart from a regular OpenStack solution.

Further, I’ll discuss if Telco OpenStack is applicable/useful for general purpose deployments and if the is a need for telco grade infrastructure with cloud native workloads.

Speaker: Syed Moneeb Javed, Strategic Product Manager (SPM) at Ericsson.

Speaker bio: Syed is responsible for Ericsson’s OpenStack Product (ECEE) Strategy.  Before taking up SPM role, he was involved in OpenStack integration, deployment, support, pre-sales, demos, PoCs and other activities with customers around the world. Worked in Nortel (Canada) before joining Ericsson.


Daniel Byström

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  • Arrangör: Suse

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