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I hate agile!

”Agile” has become a fashionable word today. Maybe you have crossed the waterfall and become a religious project manager, trying to track the progress of your children’s homework with yellow stickies on your refrigerator door? Or you’re one of those who opened the orange Scrum box a couple of years ago, closed it after just a few minutes and has never opened it since, just because you couldn’t find a simple Gantt chart?

Either way, when the French developer manager yelled: ”I hate agile!” at me I realized that if you can love agile, you can probably hate it too. That time, our meeting didn’t end the way I predicted, but three months later we started our first sprint. So what happened? How do you convince someone from hating a mindset to actually try working with it? And why do teams and companies fail when they implement a new way of working? When is a really good time to work agile and when is it not? Is there actually a recipe for success?

Join me and I will answer all these questions and a lot more!

About Roger the Speaker

For more than a decade Roger has been passionate about making development teams successful. He loves engaging individuals in such teams to go the extra mile and perform at their very best to achieve the goals. He believe in communication, collaboration and understandable goals over formal processes and tools. However, the true key to success in his opinion is effective team work. He firmly believe this is achieved by building up positive energy within a team by working closely together; sharing both successes and failures, and helping each other out. Such teams have far better chances to be effective and stay successful but in addition they will have the courage to undertake even greater challenges.


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