1 nov, 18:00–20:00

How to Effectively Deliver Development Aid Through Volunteering and the Involvement of Companies

Engaging in pro bono and having a company is not a contradiction. Elsa Landberg and Tove Bang Grimstad will come to Goto 10 to talk about their project in Cameroon and share their insights from the project.

To engage in projects or issues pertaining to development aid may seem like a complex process as a corporate company. A lot of people probably think that shipping off your monthly donation to an NGO is the only way to do it – but in fact, the potential for improvement when engaging in the process is considerable and in some cases it might even be of great benefit to all parties, both the company and the recipient. This lecture will present the various possibilities and approaches that companies should take into account if they plan to engage in volunteer projects. We will also provide examples of how and in which cases an engagement in such a project may be beneficial.

Elsa and Tove will also share the lessons they learned during the project ”Computers for Schools” taking place in Cameroon. The aim of the project was to improve education through the installation of an easily accessible computer setup. They used a Raspberry Pi based networking system, allowing students’ access to the Internet and digital educational resources (offline) such as encyclopedias, word processing, etc.

The lecture is given by Elsa Landberg and Tove Bang Grimstad, who both study civ.ing. in Media Technology at KTH. Elsa is passionate about innovation and storytelling, and has worked at startups in Singapore and Stockholm. She’s now freelancing beside her studies which she will finish this autumm, creating content for organizations and companies in tech. Elsa is also jury member at the ”Business Model Awards”. Tove Grimstad Bang is engaged in questions about public access to a free and open Internet and she is managing the project ”Computers for Schools”.


Elsa Landberg

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