Welcome to Goto 10 - Your open space for internet related knowledge exchange and innovation!

Curious to explore the internet horizon? Join Goto 10 now! Develop your internet idea, share your knowledge, and learn a bunch of new stuff – for free!

Goto 10 loves the internet and its uncharted frontiers. Come to our open space to work, network, attend events, or organize your own. SWAJ Krubb & Kafé offers delicious coffee, breakfast packages, and lunch.

You find all upcoming events in our event calendar and can check out past events on our Goto 10 YouTube channel. Learn to code, build a robot, 3D-print, or perhaps discuss internet history, what open data enables, or why we need encryption. At Goto 10, knowledge exchange is everything. Would you like to organize something yourself, or perhaps record your own podcast? Book a slot right here.

Goto 10 Coworking Space

Upstairs, you find Goto 10 Coworking Space. Goto 10 Coworking Space promotes projects at an early stage that are or will have a positive impact on the development of the internet or internet usage in Sweden.

Goto 10 Coworking Space seeks to lower the threshold for you to get started with your project. We welcome a collaborative environment and focus on knowledge exchange for increased innovation. Goto 10 coworkers get access to highly subsidized work stations in an inspiring open office environment for up to two years.

To apply for flexible workspace seating or fixed desk space, please send us a description of your project (maximum 500 words) and your motivation (maximum 500 words). Explain why you would like to join Goto 10 Coworking Space and how your project will contribute to a positive development of the internet or internet usage in Sweden. Send your application to info@goto10.se.

See you at Goto 10!

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