17 okt, 17:30–20:00

Smart City Lab 2: Connect and chat with your device

The Smart City series of practical laboratory assignments span the fundamental ideas, visions and the technologies related to the development of services for the Smart City (or Society) and the Internet of Things.

Foto: Peter Waher

In this lab, we will connect our devices to the XMPP network and start interacting with them. We will learn how devices are identified on the global network, how to connect our devices, how to make friends with them and how to exchange simple messages (chat) with them. We will demonstrate that communication is network topology independent, in that communication can bypass firewalls in a secure manner. This is done by installing a chat application on our phone and use it to chat with the devices.

This lab continues the work done in the previous lab. Participants that did not attend the previous lab will be given the opportunity to work on the first lab during the lab. There will also be an opportunity to meet earlier at GOTO 10 to discuss previous work, labs and related areas. If you want to connect your own devices, please bring them along. I’ll help get them connected. Also consider visiting the Smart City Lectures.

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