25 jan, 10:00–17:30

Prel. The Content Creator Workshop

A full-day workshop fully dedicated to those who want to get paid to create content and become either part- or even full-time content creators as well.

Who is this Event for?

Do you consider yourself a filmmaker, editor, youtuber, video creator or do you aspire to become one? Are you already getting paid or do you feel that you’re ready to charge for your video work?

BUT you haven’t fully figured out how that works and how someone can actually earn a full-time income from that?

And you might be unsure if your videos are good enough for client projects and how to even get any clients?

And lastly, do you feel like on the projects you create you’re undervaluing yourself and you’re charge too little?

If so then this workshop is exactly for YOU! Here’s a snap from the last one.

On my first paid project as a video editor I was paid 12€ an hour – and I was excited about it! It was my first ever paid project. However at that time I had absolutely zero idea how this entire content creator business worked and how you could make a proper income from that.

It was about 9 months later that I decided to go all in, quit everything else and become a full-time content creator. Now almost two years later I’ve figured out for myself how to make a decent income from making videos without feeling like a struggling artist. And I want to help you achieve the same!

A similar story shares our special guest and co-host for this workshop – Peter Lindgren. After improving his filmmaking and starting to build his freelance video business on the side while working fulltime at DHL Express, he eventually took the leap and decided to go full-time as a content creator. Over the last few months he’s had an incredible run with his youtube channel. I bet you’ve seen one of his incredible b-roll sequences – and in this workshop he’s gonna break one down for you IN PERSON!

Along the way we’ve both made many exciting as well as very painful experiences and we decided we want to be there for you to spare you from going through the bad ones! So, for you who want to become full-time creators as well and learn from our successes and mistakes we have created this ”Video Creator Breakthrough Workshop” that we’ll be hosting in Stockholm on the 25th of January.

Attending this workshop should be saving you months of time and hardships and should instantly pay off on your next video project.

The workshop will be based on showing you real-life video projects that either Peter or I have created. We will explain you not only how we got those projects and clients in the first place, but also how the videos were filmed and even more so we will show you the actual project files and give you a detailed look into our editing process.

Always wanted to see the actual timeline behind some of the video projects you see on Youtube?! On this day you will!

The goal of this workshop

The main goal of this day is for you to teach you the essential business knowledge you need as a creator and to show you practical editing tricks to help you level up your video skills. And you will learn all this based on real-life projects we created which we will break-down from idea to final upload.

At the end of this day you will walk away with tons of new insights and new knowledge to take a huge step forward in your career as a content creator. This workshop is designed to pack the most amount of learnings, tips and experiences we can possibly share with you in one single day. If this sounds good to you, then book your ticket to this workshop happening on Saturday, 25th of January 2020 in Stockholm now!

What you will learn

The best way to learn is from real-world examples! So everything we will show you is based on our own real-life projects that we pitched, shot, edited and/or produced. There’s tons of insights coming your way!

Here are the modules for the workshop day:

1) Videos clients actually pay for
Showing you a handfull of different real-life video projects from either Peter’s or my career of being a freelance video creator. These will serve as the case studies for all further explanations

2) How to get clients as a video creator
Project pitching, the right kind of networking and exactly how we got the shown projects

3) How to make clients find you – Branding & Self-Promotion
Our own self-marketing strategies for Youtube & Instagram explained

4) Pricing-strategies for video creators – Dos and Don’ts
Talking concrete numbers and rates and explaining pricing approaches from being paid 12€ per hour for editing as an absolute newbie to now making projects for >10.000€ budgets.

5) Video editing & production breakdown
Full explanation of how the case study videos were created – how they were shot, cut, breaking down the story and detailed thoughts and explanations behind the editing process. In this part Peter is gonna break-down one of his crazy b-roll sequences!

6) Video critique module
You as an attendee can send in a video if you want to and in this section I will choose 2 or 3 selected ones from the attendees videos for us together to break them down, give feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Note: About the first half of the workshop is the business part, the second half is the editing part.

Get a sneak preview!

Are you wondering now how that actually will look like on the workshop day? Watch these two videos to get a glimpse of how exactly we will be teaching you on the workshop day!

Here’s an example where I talk about pricing for video creators – talking about pricing do’s and don’ts will fill an entire module of the workshop and the insights on this section alone will instantly pay off for your investment in the workshop.

And here you can see an example of how Peter is breaking down one of his EPIC b-roll sequences and explains his actual timeline. If you haven’t seen any of his videos yet, you’ve been living under a rock!

Book your ticket now!

If that all sounds good, then you should now book your ticket. The spots for the workshop will be limited as we can only host a small group to give everyone our full attention. Here’s a snapshot from the last workshop:

event_description_image_74451_1577902022_c0aac.jpgYou’re not from Stockholm?

If you are not from Stockholm we have an extra highlight for you to make it worth travelling here: The day before, on the 24th of January there will also be a big free creator meetup in the evening from 18:00-21:30 in the same location. On this event you’ll hear Peter, me and some other Youtuber friends of ours talk about making videos and especially building a youtube channel. The meetup event is there for you to simply get to hang out with us for an evening and even more so for you to meet like-minded creators that you can connect and make friends with. Here’s a short clip of how the last one of these events looked like:

If you need help in organizing your travels and accomodation, send me an email to hello@florianland.com since I might have some tips for you to.

What you’ll need to bring to the workshop

During the workshop we’ll be spilling all sorts of editing knowledge, so you may want to bring something to take notes like pen & paper or a laptop. Throughout the day we will be providing some fruits, snacks and drinks, but not a lunch. We want to use our time efficiently and teach you as much as possible on that day, right? So if you know you’ll get really hungry, feel free to bring something to snack.

Schedule for the day

The doors to our location will open at 10:00 with about 15-20 minutes for everyone to get settled. At 10:15 we will then start the workshop! I encourage you to be on time so you’ll have enough time to get settled.

  • 10.00 Doors open
  • 10.20 Start of the Workshop
  • 11.50 Short coffee break
  • 12.00 Workshop continues
  • 13.30 Longer break for having a chat and a snack together
  • 14.15 Workshop continues
  • 16:00 Short coffee/snacking break
  • 16:15 Workshop continues
  • 17:45 End of Workshop & Goodbye
  • 18:15 Doors close

The workshop location is in the building of ”Internetstiftelsen”. I’ll make sure that you will find it with detailed instructions! There’s a map with the exact location all the way at the bottom of this page.

Your Instructors

Chances are if you found this, you know either Peter or me and what we do. Both Peter and I have become self-employed content creators and youtubers over the last couple of years. At one point we decided to dare quitting everything else to pursue a life of working for ourselves by making cool stuff with cameras. Over the last years we’ve spent hundreds of days improving our filmmaking and editing skills further and further. Since soon 2 years now we both make a fulltime income from this and made many experiences that we want to share with you to help you achieve the same.

To find out more about us, here you’ll find Peter’s channel and here’s mine.


If at any time anything is unclear or you would like to ask me something, do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail to hello@florianland.com or DM on Instagram.


Is this course suitable for beginner content creators?
Yes definitely! We will be spilling lots of knowledge and tips that you probably have never heard anywhere before. This workshop is ideal for you if you have already started to get paid as a content creator or more and more people reaching out to you asking you to make videos for them or you already repeatedly get paid work but you feel you’re undervalueing yourself. That’s exactly the kind of person I developed this for.

Do I need to bring anything?
During the workshop we will show you everything on a huge screen shared from my laptop. To take notes it makes sense for you to either bring something to write or a laptop. Other than that you do not need to bring much except a lot of curiosity and drive to improve.

I don’t use Adobe Premiere Pro, does the editing workshop still make sense for me?
Yes, definitely! During the workshop I will show you edits in Premiere Pro and explain it in detail. However Peter is gonna show his in Final Cut – so from that you might guess that what we will teach you are much more the general stages of the editing process and the thought processes behind that rather than the software – and those are independent from the actual software!

Is the workshop location easy accessible?
Yes, the location will be easy to reach by public transportation in the center of Stockholm. There also is an elevator in the building so that it’s easy accessible for anybody. Also you will receive detailed information on how to get to the venue right before the event and should you not be able to find the right entrance on the day of the event, you will be able to reach me via phone to bring you in! There’s most likely no free parking space anywhere close, but there are a couple of locations nearby where you’re able to park your car for a fee. So public transport will most likely be the easiest option.

Can I get an invoice?
Of course you can! Simply contact me and I’ll send you one.

Refund Policy

If I’m not able to attend the workshop for health or other reasons, am I able to get a refund?

Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer refunds in such a case. A lot of effort goes into preparing the workshop, making sure that you have that spot and someone else will be missing out on the workshop if you just don’t attend. However, in the event that you do know someone who would like to take the workshop in your place, let us know at least 48 hours before workshop start and we will happily honor them taking your spot instead of you.

What happens if a workshop is cancelled?
Although very rare, it may sometimes happen that a workshop is cancelled or has to be rescheduled if it doesn’t meet the minimum registrations or if there is an instructor emergency. In this event you will be contacted as soon as this decision has been made and I will of course refund 100% of all paid tickets. I will also notify you as soon as I get it rescheduled.


Hammarby kaj 10D, 120 30 Stockholm, Sweden

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