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Pop-Up Newsroom: Riksdagsvalet 2018

Pop-Up Newsroom Riksdagsvalet 2018 will see more than 100 journalists gather at Goto 10 to design solutions that will aid in the monitoring of information in the final days of the election.

Sweden is heading towards a close election that could have a significant impact on the country’s political landscape. In a real-time news environment, and amidst growing concerns around so-called ”fake news”, the stakes are high for election coverage.

Supported by the Google News Initiative Pop-Up Newsroom Riksdagsvalet 2018 will see more than 100 journalists gather at Goto 10 to design solutions that will aid in the monitoring of information flowing across digital sources in the final days of the election. The newsroom will be populated by the next generation of Sweden’s journalists from three prestigious journalism schools. As well as real-time election monitoring and coverage this live environment will promote hands-on training and foster editorial and technical innovation. Sweden’s media houses and Swedish voters will be able to ask the newsroom to turn its attention to specific subjects if required.

The progress of this editorial and design initiative will be shared for the duration of its operation between 4-9 September across a variety of digital sources and updates, including a live-stream from the Pop-Up Newsroom at Internetstiftelsen i Sverige.

The Pop-Up Newsroom team have been involved in leading a number of large, high-profile social monitoring and verification projects over the past 12 months: from the award-winning Electionland in the US, to CrossCheck in France, #GE2017 in the UK and the hugely successful #Verificado2018 in Mexico.


The critical processes and outputs will be decided through two days of co-design workshops at Södertörn Högskola  and take into consideration the input of all stakeholders. While we won’t know the exact outcomes until the workshop happens, the broad areas of focus will be the following:

  • Creating a real-time, physical newsroom for several days over the election period
  • Digital newsgathering, verification and fact-checking 
  • Monitoring the flow of information to and from typically underserved and diverse communities within Sweden, including but not limited to non-Swedish speaking voters and non-voters
  • Tracking the sources of information and misinformation from outside the mainstream media and identify instances of media manipulation
  • Creation of workflows and processes that support and connect journalists in both physical and digital scenarios
  • Connect output from the Pop-Up Newsroom with Sweden based media houses and work side-by-sidewith journalists where possible
  • To prototype and simulate new workflows and technical approaches in preparation for the 2019 European elections
  • To build on the processes of previous Pop-Up Newsrooms to further integrate the use of design thinking to inform editorial workflows and products


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