15 aug, 18:00–20:30

Future of Reality – How to live in mixed realities

A future look on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in relation to our ordinary reality. How will we navigate in a landscape with more than one reality, what will be the pros and what will be the cons?

Foto: Stockholm Futurists Logo

Stockholm Futurists together with the guest of the evening will give you different scenarios of how a mixed reality future could look like. We will see where the technologies are heading and trends within the area.

And as always we are hoping for a great discussion with all of you! So let’s not wait for the future let’s make it happen now!


18:20 Welcome and introductions
18:30 Stockholm Futurist – Future of Reality
19:00 Guest of the evening – Will be announced shortly
19:30 Open discussion

Snacks and drinks will be available



Goto 10

  • Time: 15 augusti, 18:00–20:30
  • Venue: Gradängen, Goto 10, Hammarby Kaj 10D (plan 1)
  • Price: Free
  • Organizer: Stockholm Futurists
    Logo Stockholm Futurists

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