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Modernera AB
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Young Innovation HUB (edited)


Nuvarande coworkers

Wikimedia Sverige is a non-profit organization working to make free knowledge available to all people. We mainly use Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects as our tools, but other free and open platforms are also in line with what we do.

We support the active community contributing to the Wikimedia projects, we do outreach to GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) and education partners, and we do advocacy to get more open data and more open and freely licensed material to be available and used.

Read more about us at and see who we are at

Made by Aya makes a society where no social, planetary or existential boundaries breaks.We are a co-production community. We involve people, places and organisations since 2009. Together we test, develop and launch small or large scale projects or organizations. As a member or partner of Made by Aya you share networks, sustainable design methods, technologies, organisational support and hope to make it happen. Our mission the upcoming years is to realize the 17th sustainable goal from United Nation´s Agenda 2030: to create active partnerships for change.

Folk Lab makes space for digital literacy and sustainability. We create active meeting places and digital labs. Folk Lab tour with our mobile social and digital lab at cultural houses, libraries, universities and companies. Folk Lab educates staff, children and adults in workshops and open labs. We offer learning in sustainability with the support of eg. Agenda 2030 and digital skills. We help you if you want to build your own lab with everything from machines to educational support. Folk Lab are members of the FabLab Foundation. An international network of 1,300 maker spaces (”digital creator workshops”). We are official partners with the Belgian FabLab Factory, which has supported over 50 digital and social labs in Europe. Folk Lab is run by three nonprofit organizations: Kids Hack Day, Fisksätra Folkets hus and Made by Aya. We who work in Folk Lab are university-educated sustainability designers, engineers and artists.

When geeks hang out cool stuff happens. When we talk about what we’ve been doing, we think, innovate and create. Foo Café is an independent company making this easier. In essence we handle all of the boring stuff so that usergroups can focus on the sharing and learning. We provide access to a venue, beer and pizza, as well as some advice about how to run a truly inclusive event. We’re experts in how to create a comfortable environment for even the most introverted of geeks. We do this for free, taking on the responsibility of finding long term partners later on. We work with companies who also want to support a culture of sharing knowledge. These companies are offered visibility as well as support running their own events. Within Stockholm, all our events are hosted at Hammarby Kaj 10, within the Goto10 venue. For more information and a full calendar of all our events check out:

Modernera is a modern recruiting and staffing company that focuses on teleworking. Technological advances now make it possible to do many jobs in the service sector in a much more efficient, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly way than we have ever been able to do before.

Today, we can do many tasks equally well in the office, at home, in a cafe or on a beach. All you need is a computer with internet connection and a phone. We believe that more people should have better, greener and pleasant jobs. Our aim is to bring about a paradigm shift in the way people work.

Privasee – The One Stop Shop for Privacy. We empower clients to navigate the complex space of GDPR compliance with easy online tools and consult support. We do that by bridging Business, Legal and IT with a simplified language, human-centric, pragmatic perspective.

Redfield AB goes beyond the deployment of traditional BI technologies.  We are offering sophisticated techniques and tools, typically beyond those of traditional business intelligence, to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations. We turn insights into action.



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Aktiebolaget Clingweld & Co

Food Tech (Smaka på Stockholm AB)
Included Works
Joseph Michael (enskild firma)
Kusinta AB
Musefuel AB
Nordic Noblesse
Sensei Works
Snowflake Education
Stateless digital AB
Tolkvox AB
Via Consulting




Stateless Digital is a digital agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. We help companies to navigate and stay competitive in a modern digital landscape, creating solutions and opportunities at the intersection of marketing, technology and international business.

We build and manage high-performing websites, applications, marketing campaigns and other digital solutions using lean and modern processes. We have developed, and continue to manage, websites that serve > 20 million visitors each month, but are equally passionate about helping companies who are just starting out on their digital journey.

Please get in touch with us to learn more about our CTO / CMO as-a-service, developed for B2C and B2B companies with high growth ambitions.

Sweden Food Tech

Sweden Food Tech is the home for the next generation food system based on tech, data, sustainability and health. The system involves key players of the current food system, research institutes and the new entrepreneurs shaping the future of food. Our ambition is to cultivate the the next-generation transformative foodtech entrepreneurs.



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